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Powerful Movie..., Please Watch...! Children who were held hostage in their elementary school tell stories of miraculous things, but many adults are skeptical that the Cokeville Miracle ever truly happened.
Eyeslick is a great video platform for monitizing videos. You can join it below. Want you own logo intro simlar to this one? Go to my eyeslick channel and you can order a logo entry video right from there.
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  I'm Ned Bragg.  Thanks for coming by my EyeSlick channel.      I currently have a three-pronged approach to my business offerings but I'm concentrating on 1 mainly for now and making use of another for my own marketing, interaction, ....    The main area I'm offering is enterprise-level [IT] systems and software for large and medium sized companies.  I'm further concentrating on Optical companies since I'ce been an Optical [Systems] Engineer since the 70s.      The 2nd area I offer [& use for my own business] is videos for sales, marketing, lead generation, increased interaction, ...  The videos can include personalization, interactive, mockups, logo reveals, intros, outros, animations, explainer, ... videos.    The 3rd area I offer is Optical Systems Engineering which I've been doing since the 70s mainly in defense, surveillance, recce, night vision, countermeasures, laser weapons, laser radar, fiber optics, .... Systems Engineering, Risk Management, System Safety/ Security, .... for airborne, space, & ground systems.  I'm available for work in this 3rd area but only for USA entities due to security/ Export Control. 
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