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Elite Channel
Sold more than 75,000 on eyeSlick
Power Elite Channel
Sold more than 1M on eyeSlick
Exclusive Channel
Sells items exclusively in eyeSlick
Featured Channel
Made it to the category Hall of Fame
Top Monthly Channel
Became a Top 10 Channels of the Month
Bundle Boss
Had an item featured in eyeSlick Bundle
Had an item that was trending
VID Monster
Upload a lot of videos
Featured Item
Had an item featured on eyeSlick
Homepage Master
Had an item featured in a Homepage
Free Account
Manage Free Channel on eyeSlick
Basic Channel
Manage Basic Channel on eyeSlick
Pro Channel
Manage Pro Channel on eyeSlick
Joined eyeSlick partnership program
Helps us moderate the Content
Meetup Participant
Attended one of our Meetups around the world
eyeslick Live Participant
Joined us in one of our eyeSlick Live Events
Comments Superstar
Provided great contribution to our content
Community Superstar
Achieved the monthly Community Superstar Award
Content Contributor
Provided great contribution to our Marketplace
Blog Interview
Created a helpful tool/app for eyeSlick users
Copyright Ninja
Helped protect eyeSlick against copyright violations
Super Copyright Ninja
Helped several times protecting eyeSlick against copyright violations
eyeslick Instructor
Has participated in eyeSlick research initiatives
Product Help
Beta Tester
Has been a beta tester for an eyeSlick feature
Helpful Hacker
Helped improve eyeSlick sites by detecting a security issue
Created a helpful tool/app using the eyeSlick API
Feedback Guru
Participated in a focus group or interview to improve the user experience on eyeSlick
Won a competition
Industrious API Champion
Won an eyeSlick API contest
Design Winner
Won an eyeSlick Community design contest
Design Shortlist
Shortlisted as a finalist in a Community design contest
Most Wanted Winner
Won a Most Wanted contest

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