What are the terrible trading mistakes that traders do? I've created a very unique series of videos about a VERY important subject in trading - and that's the mistakes traders do and my solution to that. This is my very first video of the series. In this video, I would like to discuss the first trading mistake that forex traders do. The first common mistake that traders do is what I call - “Checking the charts too often” EVERY trader later or sooner does this mistake and goes through that, for me, it is a very serious mistake and I would like to share my POV for a possible trading solution for this mistake in this video. The Mistake - Let's say that you are observing the H1, H4, or D1 charts, for example, and you prepare your analysis to choose a direction and look to get into action. Initially, not always the market reacts in a way that you wanted it to, and that's totally normal. The market does what the market has to do. Generally, what most of the traders do is they go back and do their stuff, and they come back too often to check the price on the chart with a big hope that a big move happened. They come back like every 5 minutes or 15 minutes, and expect big changes in price action. This is where a big sort of problem happens because basically if you are looking for a move in the marker to reach some far levels, then you need to understand that it would take time to reach that level and you should let the market work. So, if you just keep coming back to the charts over and over again, nothing would happen, you are just wasting your time and efforts. The more you do that, the bigger the chances that the market will drive you crazy which will lead you to make some other sort of mistakes and cut trades early or force other wrong trades. Also, sitting and watching the charts too often without a break is another common mistake. Because later or sooner you'll become impatient and it will force you to make some sort of mistake like early entry, wrong calculation, over-exposure etc.... The Solution - The very first step here is that we should recognize the problem and accept it because the solution for every problem starts with acknowledgment, recognition, and acceptance. 1. There are alerts available on every trading platform, so instead of sitting and watching the charts or checking it too often, you can set up an alert (like email or mobile) when a certain level is reached. 2. The next solution for this problem is, you can set up pending orders. If your strategy doesn’t require a specific pattern to happen like Engulfing, MACD cross, etc... and you trade based on levels then pending orders is a good solution for you. As you don’t need to be there to enter the trade once that specific level that you are looking for to enter is reached. 3. The next solution is automation. You can hire a programmer to do it for you or If you know how to do it, you can do it yourself. Or alternatively, there may be an automatic solution already available online. You can check my trading marketplace for our available trading solutions - https://vladimirribakov.com/vladimirs-in-house-indicators/ So basically, you can just find your potential answer with automatic trading solutions. For example, if your trading strategy is like trailing your stop loss or you trade based on false break and divergence then you can find available online trading software that could help you with it. https://vladimirribakov.com/vladimirs-in-house-indicators/ In other words, you can find an available solution or you need to create one, it’s that simple. So, traders, this is the first mistake that I wanted to talk about and suggest my solutions for it. If you have questions regarding any of the forex trading analyses that we’ve generated please do not hesitate to reach out and connect with us, the more we can educate you regarding the art of online forex trading the better we can improve as an online trading community. For additional forex trading information such as forex trading strategies, trading systems along with invaluable educational articles we publish and share to our growing community we invite you to visit: https://vladimirribakov.com/ - Vladimir RIbakov's Blog https://vladimirribakov.com/sponsorship-program/ - Top-Rated Trading Systems #ForexTrading #ForexMistakes #MistakeInTrading ► Follow My Work (On Social Media!) YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/VladimirRibakov Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tradersacademyclub Twitter - https://twitter.com/VladimirRibakov Telegram - https://t.me/vladimirribakovtradingchannel I would like to thank you for your time and I hope you found value in our video! Please hit the like button and support our work. To your success, Vladimir Ribakov, Internationally Certified Financial Technician

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